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We proudly serve all areas of the Las Vegas Valley including Las Vegas, North Las Vegas, Henderson, and Boulder City evictions. We help owners evict tenants, renovate and get the property ready for the market in the shortest amount of time possible, and we partner with licensed real estate professionals who can help you market, rent, or sell your property to qualified tenants and buyers. See OUR SERVICES for more information. When we say our Evictions Services in Las Vegas, NV are your All-Inclusive, One-Stop Shop for getting your income back from your investment properties we mean it!

Call Us Now before your home or property gets destroyed! We will help you get that deadbeat tenant out, fix & clean up your properties, and get it rented in the shortest amount of time possible. Don’t hesitate we are here to show you the best quality eviction service for the smallest cost possible!



Don’t let your tenants turn into squatters! We kick them out and get you qualified tenants all in one stop!

How Does The Nevada Eviction Process Work?

Basic Eviction Knowledge:

Every eviction in Nevada MUST start with a NOTICE. When it comes to notices there are several different types that may be used depending on the circumstances of the property, owner, and tenants. Some notices work faster than others however for your particular eviction you may not be able to use the fastest option. As far as notices for single family residences, manufactured homes (a.k.a. “mobile homes”), and non-manufactured homes go there are different types that must be used to legally evict your tenants.

Evictions in Las Vegas and the surrounding areas, including North Las Vegas and Henderson evictions, can take anywhere from 10-180 days depending again on the situation.

What About Foreclosures?

There are absolutely NO NOTICES AVAILABLE for this situation. In the event of a foreclosure a Formal Civil Complaint must be filed with the local Justice Court. It’s important to note also that not even the Constable’s can issue a notice/form for a foreclosure.

Types of “Non-Manufactured Eviction Notices”

  • 5-Day Pay or Quit
  • 3-Day Nuisance Notice
  • 7-Day Notice
  • 30-Day Notice
  • 5-Day Unlawful Detainer

Types of “Manufactured Home Eviction Notices”

  • 3-Day Nuisance Notice
  • 5-Day Nuisance Notice
  • 10-Day Notice
  • 45-Day Notice
  • 180-Day Notice
  • 5-Day Unlawful Detainer

Any notice used during the Las Vegas Eviction process (including North Las Vegas), Henderson Eviction process, and with Boulder City Evictions will be served/posted the NEXT BUSINESS DAY. Don’t worry because at Out The Door Evictions we offer full Eviction Services in Las Vegas, NV and the surrounding areas of Clark County.

What Do We Do After the Notice is Posted?

Once the notice is posted we proceed with contacting and working with the Justice Court, getting the Eviction Summary, and then working with the Constable to get lock-out instructions, change the locks and get the tenant completely out of your property!

What About After the Justice Court Filing?

Out The Door Evictions is on your side throughout the entire process to make it as smooth as possible. For example if the tenant files a Motion to Stay the court will not notify you as the landlord or owner so it’s up to you and us to keep track and check the court’s public access site to stay on top of the eviction so it doesn’t fall through. The public access site will allow us to see what decision’s the judge has made with your particular eviction case and how we will proceed to fight the tenant’s Motion to Stay.

Once an eviction is granted by the court notice will once again need to be posted to make the tenant aware of constable lock-out. The Constable or Deputy will contact us the day of the lock-out and let us know when to meet them for the change of lock and complete the lock-out. Out The Door Evictions makes sure this proceeds as needed for you because if you fail to meet the deputy the eviction will stop at that point and will not be postponed. What does that mean? It means you wasted time, money, and now have to begin the legal eviction process all over again!

The above information is to give you a quick idea of how evictions in Las Vegas and Clark County generally work however they can certainly be, and most of the time are, a lot more involved than just the general descriptions we have given. Let Out The Door Evictions work for you and get you through the entire process. We know as a property owner you have many other items on your plate to concern yourself with and we are happy to have the opportunity to work with you and take the stress load of a legal eviction and deadbeat tenants off of that plate!




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Las Vegas Evictions – More About Eviction Notices

7 Day No Cause Notice to Quit

This is a notice that is given by a landlord to a weekly basis tenant asking them to vacate their premises after in the course of the 7 days pending the expiration of the notice with no reason necessarily needed from the landlord. Being the owner of the said property, the landlord has the right to revoke your tenancy without any reason. Although most evictions will be as a result of a certain trend or behavior, this one in particular does not have to be as a result of anything or if there is some reason that the landlord thinks are not worth mentioning, he/she can choose to invoke this notice. If the landlord decides to invoke this notice, there is no rule that compels them to give the reason underlying the decision. This notice can be invoked under NRS 40.251 and can be used as a basis for evictions in Las Vegas or any other city or town within Nevada.

The notice can be given to weekly tenants only. For by month rent paying tenants, a different notice will be served that gives them a longer grace period before the eviction can be enforced. Although this is an eviction notice, it does not give the landlord a green light to proceed with the eviction yet. This is just but a step towards the eviction. If the tenant chooses not to quit after the seven days, the landlord will serve them with another notice that will ask them to quit for unlawful detainer that gives the tenant a grace period of 5 days to quit. If the tenant fails to honor these two eviction notices, the landlord will now be forced to forcefully evict the tenant with the help of the sheriff. The eviction must be approved by the court for it to be effected. This means that at any point of serving the eviction notices, the tenant has the power to come forth and defend themselves against the given notices and if their reasons are considered genuine, the landlord may be barred from effecting the eviction or the grace period given to effect the eviction can be extended.

There are a limited number of options that one can take once the 7 day no cause notice has been given. As a tenant you can choose to move to a different residence which would be the best option that will save both you and the landlord from many hustles. If it is likely that you will not be ready to move by the end of the 7 days you can ask the landlord to give you some extra days; this will not bar you from eviction if the tenant chooses not to listen to you. There are also some other conditions which come with this option. You can also file a motion in court challenging the eviction notice. With our Las Vegas Eviction Services we are not eviction attorneys so we suggest contacting a legal attorney on this matter. This can earn you some extra days depending on your argument. Lastly, you can choose to stay and wait for the unlawful detainer notice which will buy you some time but may lead to a forceful eviction on expiration of that notice.

30 Day No Cause Notice to Quit

Just like the 7 day no cause notice to quit, the 30 day no cause notice can be issued by the landlord with no apparent reason. This notice is specific to the tenants who pay their rent per month. This eviction notice, which falls under NRS 40.251, gives the landlord the power to evict a tenant without giving reasons to their cause of eviction. Under no circumstance will the landlord be forced to explain the cause for their action once they choose to invoke this rule. The tenant on the other hand is expected to comply, raising no questions but has also a right to contend against the eviction rules legally if they think it has been issued unfairly or if they don’t have enough time to comply with the notice. This notice can only be served after the lease period is over i.e. after 30 days since payment of rent. Our Las Vegas Eviction Services help landlords keep track of the entire eviction timetable so no important dates are missed!

The contents of the notice usually include the time by which the landlord expects the tenant to have moved from the said property. As per the notice, the grace period given to the tenant to move is 30 days since the notice was served to them. The notice is also expected to clearly state the time period of rent payment; this is expected to be 30 days or more. It should also guide the tenant on how to respond to the notice. For example on asking for an extension to the grace period and the special conditions required. People who require special care have an upper hand here. These include the elderly; people who are 60 years or older and those with disabilities; physical or mental. Upon proving their condition the above mentioned group of people can be given a 30 day extension if they ask for it through a letter to the landlord.

If the tenant chooses not to evict willingly within the given period, the landlord will file for an unlawful detainer notice which will give them the right to forcefully evict the tenant via the sheriff. A tenant on the other hand can choose to apply to the landlord for the extension of the given period stating reasons as to why. The other way and the best way to fight evictions in Clark County Nevada is by filling a petition in court. If you have very good reasons for an extension or for the notice to be nullified, the court will definitely give you your right but just in case this fails the next step will give you very little time to react to the eviction notice.

This is when you will be served with the unlawful detainer notice that makes you continued stay on the said property unlawful. Just like the other notice, you can choose to fight your way out in court but unlike the first notice, this will only give you 5 days to react to it after which you will be thrown out. This shows that the best time to react to an eviction notice is just after the first notice failure to which you may lose to your landlord.

Why Choose Our Las Vegas Eviction Services?

When it comes to deciding who to hire there are many eviction companies Las Vegas, NV landlords have to choose from. At Out The Door Evictions we care about our clients’ properties as much as they do. We want to make sure your tenants are evicted before they have a chance to ruin and destroy your income-producing real estate. We make sure landlords will benefit from our eviction services by executing all necessary eviction notices to ensure a smooth eviction process up until the eviction hearing date.

Once the eviction hearing in downtown Las Vegas is set we can appear in front of the judge on behalf of the landlord to ensure eviction is granted. Many landlords like this service because they are not comfortable in the courtroom. Once an eviction is granted the Clark County Constable needs to be contacted to set an actual lock out date.

We provide this Las Vegas eviction service to all of our landlord clients by scheduling directly with the constable! Landlords most the time may be too busy or out-of-state owners who cannot meet the sheriff at the right time. As an experienced Las Vegas eviction company we can contact the constable directly and be sure that everyone is at the lockout at the right time so nothing hampers the eviction from legally being completed. Our company will meet the sheriff and change the locks on all entrances.

Our eviction lockout services in Las Vegas include removing the old deadbolt locks, the door handle locks, installing new locks, and placing a lock box on the property where the new keys will be stored. Many landlords love this particular part of our services because we can do everything at the time the sheriff is present which ensures the property is secured in the best possible way.

Once the lockout is complete all of the personal property left behind by the tenant must be stored for 30 days according to Nevada laws. After 30 days all remaining personal property must be removed from the property allowing the owner or landlord to clean. Another part of Out The Door Evictions’ full line of Las Vegas Eviction Services includes the ability to professionally get the property ready for the market again. This service is most commonly known as “trash out” or “property rehab”. This helps landlords get their property leased back to a qualified tenant as soon as the eviction is completed!

As you can see there are many reasons to choose Out The Door Evictions over any of the other eviction companies in Las Vegas, NV and the surrounding Clark County cities. We provide the most support throughout the eviction process and we make sure the property is secured and in great condition when everything is finished.

If you’re a landlord in Clark County Nevada and have a current tenant who needs to be evicted please visit our Contact Us Page and get started today!